Thursday, November 18, 2010

Food = Love

I love food. My friends love food. It's not only something I eat, it's something I cherish. This blog is a testament to my passion for all things gastronomy. With the help of my loved ones, I hope to chronicle for you my journey through the ups and down of the culinary world. You're going to see a mix of my own recipes, recipes inspired by others (including my favorite chefs), and a good mix of wine pairings, music, book reviews, and restaurant reviews. I'm always looking for suggestions and a new culinary adventure, not to mention, ways to stay sane while learning to "think like a lawyer." I'm not sure where my life is going to take me, but at least I know it's going to taste good. Really good. 


David: thank you for your inspiration.

Joanna: this was your idea, after all.

Denise: basically, this is your name. i hope you're proud. 

TBA [kusum, salima, khurram, molly, young, mirat, henna, steven, etc.]: more than i can possibly remember/mention in a single post. thank you.


  1. I'm so impressed! I hope your recipes inspire me to cook for myself even when I'm working long hours. I also hope this blog ends up being the primer for your future bakery/coffee shop. I miss waking up to your delicious pancakes and more importantly your smiling face.

  2. :) can't wait to attempt to cook some of these items. (make sure you explain it in detail for me! you know how great of a cook i am... :( haha)